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Dumb Quiz, making easier to build a quiz

That’s my new proggy, the main ideia is just makes easier to build a quiz tool. It grabs those question in a sqlite3 database embeeded as well as the asnwers. I’d so much fun doing it with python and gtk; and I’d learned a lot about software deployment making a Linux installer (RPM and DEB) as well as a Windows installer.


Note that It comes with some bugs for free, I promise I’ll fix it soon. Anyway, If you find another one, please let me know!


SQLite examples with Bash, Perl and Python

If you are looking for a lightweight database solution take a look on SQLite. I made some very simple examples with Perl, Python and Bash interfacing with sqlite. Just when I have finished I find out this article bellow that have also some examples in Perl and Python to start playing. Take a look!

Well, all those samples do the same thing. First it creates a table “n” with columns “f” and “l”. Then it insert (“john”, “smith”) as an entry. And finally dumps everything it finds in table “n”.

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