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Hello Cruel World at GoogleCodes

I’ve just created my first google code project. The name, “hellocruelworld” says everything. It’s just a bunch of hello worlds examples, sorry google for using our services as sandbox. You can “check out” those samples with following command-line.

svn co hellocruelworld

I created and fixed some issues as well as edited the wiki stuff just to take look arround and I really enjoy. Anyway, you can also access source code from web. But, I agree with you, isn’t so good as trac!


Plotting with MatPlotLib, PyGTK and Glade

The matplotlib is a plotting library for python which uses a syntax based on matlab. It is quite powerful: there are a large sets of 2D and 3D graphs available, it suports most of windowing toolkits (GTK, Tkinter, Qt, and wxWindows) for embedded GUI applications as well as interfacing with the python shell (see IPython).

See other python plotting solutions and compare.

Bellow we describe an example of embedded PyGTK with Glade application that uses matplotlib. It just draws a barchart graph. The code is based on the matplotlib examples, serpia pygtk tutorial and matplotlib cookbook.

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SQLite examples with Bash, Perl and Python

If you are looking for a lightweight database solution take a look on SQLite. I made some very simple examples with Perl, Python and Bash interfacing with sqlite. Just when I have finished I find out this article bellow that have also some examples in Perl and Python to start playing. Take a look!

Well, all those samples do the same thing. First it creates a table “n” with columns “f” and “l”. Then it insert (“john”, “smith”) as an entry. And finally dumps everything it finds in table “n”.

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Threading with PyGTK and Glade

I find out just one pratical sample about how to use pygtk with thread at the faq. Although I think that coolest thing of pygtk is use with glade. With no samples available I’d tried to do by myself. I am glad because at the end it was pretty much the same stuff as the sample that wasn’t using glade! Good job done, folks!

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"Don't worry about what anybody else is going to do. The best way to predict the future is to invent it. Really smart people with reasonable funding can do just about anything that doesn't violate too many of Newton's Laws!" -- Alan Kay in 1971

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